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Hey, producthunters!🀘 Do you remember iOS 10 GUI we made some time ago ( Hope you found it useful. And we're back with something even more convenient. Proud to introduce you iOS Design Kit – library of app templates and iOS UI elements are combined into high-quality source files for Sketch and Adobe Photoshop.
Once again, what's inside: - Detailed and clear style guide with color palette, typography system and basic layouts. - Collection of interface elements, such as icons, search bars, alerts, tab bars, segmented controls, switches, keyboards, steppers, pickers, sliders, buttons. - 300 screen templates divided into 15 most popular App Store categories. All the elements are made with extra attention to Guidelines and ready to help you with any design task. Check it and try for free: Hope you'll love it! Take this 20% off discount: PRODUCTHUNT20. Use this coupon during checkout. We're open to your "What to add/improve" requests, so please feel free to contact us via chat on the website, or write us a letter: @robjama, have a nice vacation and thanks a lot, again!
@taragraphy @greatsimple @robjama Looks very well executed. Is your sketch file using symbols and nested symbols? For example, on the Tables, are the icons nested? It'd be great if I could get this and then make it work with all of my existing icon symbols right away.
@tomjohndesign Thanks, Tom. Symbols and Nested Symbols will be availible with the next update. As well as Resizes on some of elements.
@taragraphy Awesome, thanks. I just wrapped up an iOS project, so I'd be waiting on this anyways, but it would be a great resource. Looking forward to using it in the future. Oh, and thanks for the sketch files you've done in the past. They're fantastic.
@tomjohndesign 😊 Thanks a lot!
Looks beautifully done, good job! But I am sure I have seen other similar templates circle around sites like dribbble that doesn't cost as much as $99 ... why should I pay for this?
@mmarndt @wfb @rick_chen1 Let me specify. There's a big difference between free iOS GUI ( and other GUI examples) and iOS Design Kit. iOS GUI contains only system screens from iOS and screens of native apps. Otherwise, iOS Design Kit contains over 250 screens in 15 categories (according to App Store categories) we made with high attention to Human Interface Guidelines from scratch based on popular app design pattern. As well as the most complete and detailed library of elements from Guidelines you can find in vector.
I told you this before but you guys really need to do something Material Design-related. :)
@marvinvista πŸ™‚ Don't know exactly when, but we'll do.
@taragraphy a martial version would defiantly get lots of traffic considering there is a lack of quality resources for android compared to iOS.
@marvinvista @mmarndt Hey, guys! We just made Material Design Kit (which include Android GUI) – take a look
What differentiates this from or what Facebook is offering – both for free?
@wfb I can't speak for the full $99, cause I'm not buying it, but the from the looks of the marketing site, there are more components included. The facebook one, while free, is limited in terms of standard components and accuracy.
@wfb @mmarndt Hey! We also have free version of iOS GUI (released in July) –