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#3 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2017

Apple introduced a new icon style for the Tab bar icons. We've decided not only to create iOS 11 icons (as usual), but also to give away 200 of the most popular icons for free in three formats: PNG, SVG, and PDF. What do you think about this style?

  • Pros: 

    Nice and handy kit


    It will be great to extend the kit

    Great icons for the tab bar, I found all the needed ones there

    Ольга Спиридонова has used this product for one week.
  • Icons8
    Icons8Ivan from Icons8

    I've seen it growing



    Made by my teammate Alexander Christ, the guy who did more icons than anyone else on Earth. He's making icons since 2004 full time every working day.

    Icons8 has used this product for one month.
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Marina Yalanska
Marina Yalanska@myalanska · Tech/design blogger. CMO/Writer at Tubik
Cool news, that's the generous offer from you guys! Keep rocking!
Aaron M. Bielert
Aaron M. Bielert@aaronblrt1 · Network President at Sparkk TV
Love the new style...
devtwo@_devtwo · Full-stack developer, freelancer
Oh, finally somebody did this. Thanks!
Nastya Grebneva
Nastya GrebnevaMaker@nastya_grebneva · Community manager
@_devtwo It took us some time... But yes, we did it! :) Enjoy!
Sebastian Orozco
Sebastian Orozco@sebastian_sco · 19 // VC @ ACE Venture Capital
Thanks for this!
Roman Zimarev
Roman Zimarev@romazimarev · Composer, Founder of
Good stuff, guys!