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Hey Product Hunters! We’re excited to share with you the next big thing from Ionic - our mobile cloud platform. Here at Ionic, we believe that making mobile apps should be easy. We’re obsessed with empowering web developers to build incredible mobile experiences with the skills they already have. That’s why we’re launching the Ionic Platform (beta), a way for developers to build, deploy, and scale Ionic and Cordova apps. Developing apps with Ionic will now cover the entire mobile lifecycle, from start to growth. We’re excited to get your feedback, and answer any questions about what we’re building. We move fast in our mission to make building apps simple and fun again, so any ideas, thoughts and things we haven’t thought about are highly appreciated! If you’d like to get the full scoop on the release, check out the post on our blog: Thanks for reading, and happy hunting, Max
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@maxlynch We've got a contractor at my company who recently 're-'introduced us to Ionic and it looks superb now. We're considering including it as part of our skill stack for all junior/mid weight devs company wide as we're heavy on Angular and JS.
@maxlynch are there any good intros/tuturioals to get up to speed with ionic AND the new cloud platform yet?
Hey @maxlynch , I love Ionic and use it for all of my projects, It's amazing!. Could you please elaborate about feture plans you guys have for ?
@saoron Nice :D and for sure, we really want to have a simple service for the most common app needs, whatever those may be. As the industry expands and new services get added, we hope to have a way to give Ionic users a similar service (or partner with that provider). Some planned services: crash/error logging, expanded analytics, remote content editing, surveys/feedback. Though we want to harden what we do have before adding a bunch more, but we will likely add those new services to existing plans, so the value of the platform will continue to increase.
I love Ionic and I can't wait to see all the other things they have planned.
I have been a HUGE (obsessed) Ionic enthusiast for months now. Being a hard-core front-end developer, I was having a hard time understanding and getting stuff done with Phonegap, cordova, xamarin........and then came Ionic. Just love the simplicity and efficiency. Already working on our BIG app idea and thanks a bunch to the amazing folks at Ionic who keep building really awesome stuff...
I have used Titanium Appcelerator for years, despite the way in which they operate is different (Titanium compiles to native code) Ionic is really the best and most well documented cross-platform framework I ever played with