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ioneex help you bring messaging products for sales, marketing & customer service to one platform, helping businesses avoid the stiff, spammy status quo and have real conversations that build real connections.



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Aramayis IritsyanMakerHiring@aramayisiritsyan · CTO of ioneex
📣 BRIEFLY ABOUT SEVERAL FUNCTIONS OF THE IONEEX WIDGET ioneex is an online consultant, which can be used to provide communication with your customers. But this is not all the functionality that we offer. I will list some functions: lead generation, lead processing, sending mail messages, Geo data, etc.All inclusive Ioneex collects users useful data: the number of visits the site, viewed pages, referring sites, external links. These data show the general statistics of visitors Similar information can be obtained from the Yandex Metrika or from Google Analytics. So why not use only them? In the 21st century any information is valuable. ioneex knows this, and its tools include not only Analytics, the additional features as well providing additional information about customers. When a user visited the site the system automatically collects visitors’ data (visitor’s geo map, device, browser, contact information) and stores into client card. Using ioneex you will find out the pages visited by the client, the referring sites, the client's IP address, the visit time and how long the client was on the each page. And what else would you like to know about your customers using ioneex? 🤠 We are waiting for your comments...
Aramayis IritsyanMakerHiring@aramayisiritsyan · CTO of ioneex
Our project is slowly growing. 🥂 Added a new feature. 🧩 Thanks to everyone who leaves comments 📜 evaluates product 💛💚💙 or just interested. 😊👍