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Hello! πŸ‘‹

Today we're launching IO: a free, lightweight editor for creative and authentic publishing. ✍️

It's extremely easy to use and allows you to publish anonymously, under a pseudonym, or as yourself. Our vision is to make writing and sharing your thoughts easier than ever. The editor is a little rough around the edges, so be gentle (many improvements are on the way!). We plan to build on this idea in the coming weeks and months.

This is your blank canvas.

This project (started only a couple weeks ago!) is brought to you by @meanJim, @SirBenLee, and myself – and we have much more to come in the near future! Meanwhile, please do email me at or iMessage me at 949-278-6005 if you have any questions/suggestions or just want to talk product. :-)

Meanwhile, kick the tires at today, bookmark it for later and publish freely any time. πŸ‘Š

More info:

P.S., this link is fun:
Niv DrorΒ β€” Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@davidbyttow @meanjim @sirbenlee @bold gotta say, I really enjoyed writing the press release for this tweet on IO.

JimΒ β€” Just a guy building websites
@nivo0o0 @davidbyttow @sirbenlee @bold it is a genius press release :)
@davidbyttow @bold very clean editor, saw it's in React. Any plans to open source it?
Chris ChurchΒ β€” Social Media Specialist & Writer
@davidbyttow, this is beautiful! Would be perfect if the Grammarly extension worked with it. Any chance of that happening in the future?
@davidbyttow Looking forward to trying it :)
Hi @andreioprisan, please see Draft.js project
@cchurch5 Yes! I am working on a grammar assistant now. Working on spinning up a very large corpus of data to support it.
@andreioprisan @bold yes! The only reason we haven't yet is because it's built on top of Draft, which has lost some steam, so we may fork that or rebuild our own.
@andreioprisan @bold Note we've made a LOT of improvements on top of Draft to get it to do what we want. It's not perfect, but it more or less works.
Paresh PatelΒ β€” Co-Founder, Abhisi Help Desk
@davidbyttow Simple and effective. I like it. :)
Ali MeseΒ β€”
@davidbyttow @meanjim @sirbenlee @bold so good guys πŸ”₯
Ian Storm TaylorΒ β€” Designer
@davidbyttow @andreioprisan If you end up deciding to ditch Draft, you might be interested in a very similar framework I've been working on called Slate: β€” inspired by Draft and Prosemirror, but with the goal of having "core" be completely unopinionated/flexible and not getting in your way! Just in case it's helpful, if there's anything missing from it that is a blocker let me know!
@ianstormtaylor very familiar with Slate πŸ˜‰ let's talk offline
samΒ β€” Assistant Principal, Journalist
@davidbyttow @meanjim @sirbenlee @bold I kicked the tires, took it for a spin. Im ready for more. Can I have access to Bold?
JimΒ β€” Just a guy building websites
@ianstormtaylor @davidbyttow @andreioprisan thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Saajan JainΒ β€” Online Marketing Specialist
@davidbyttow @meanjim @sirbenlee @bold Heard the castle black theme & wrote something. Really enjoyed the UI
Jack DweckΒ β€” Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Congrats on the launch, @davidbyttow. I love the ambience feature. πŸ’―

@jackdweck thanks! That was a fun little experiment. :)
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