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David Byttow
Hey all, was just reading your feedback and just rolled out a new change: If you add #hidden or #private to your posts, they won't appear in /random or /latest. Enjoy!


David Byttow
https://bold.io/when-truth-is-re... Hello! 👋 Today we're launching IO: a free, lightweight editor for creative and authentic publishing. ✍️ It's extremely easy to use and allows you to publish anonymously, under a pseudonym, or as yourself. Our vision is to make writing and sharing your thoughts easier than ever. The editor is a little rough around the e… See more
Jack Dweck
@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Congrats on the launch, @davidbyttow. I love the ambience feature. 💯 https://d17oy1vhnax1f7.cloudfron...
Laszlo Levente Mári
@noxowe · Dev / Consultant
What are the differences between IO and Telegraph? To me both seem to be the same 😁
James Zhang
@jamesfzhang · co-founder & cto @askwhale
IO/Bold easily has the best writing & editing experience on the web. 👏
Kabir Shah
@kingpixil · I make things | kabir.ml
This looks absolutely beautiful! I love how it has ambience settings, a Hemingway editor, Twitter auth. The editor itself is awesome. It's a really great product 👌