An end-to-end solution for influencer marketing is a marketplace where brands and influencers connect around the globe. Easily discover local content experts to reach people worldwide with content that engages.

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First off, a big thank you to @percival for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I’m co-founder of along with @mariemostad. Back in 2016, we came together and decided to build an end-to-end solution for influencer marketing. At our previous jobs, we were both in need of a tool that would allow us to not only discover influencers, but also let us manage the whole collaboration process, and there were no solutions that existed at the time with the capacity to do this. We’ve built to solve this problem. provides advertisers with a solution for handling and screening incoming collaboration requests from influencers, an intuitive Dashboard to easily manage all collaborations, a safe payment process, access to key reporting metrics, and a system to reuse and repurpose content created in collaborations — all in one place 🎉 And of course, we have a special deal for the Product Hunt community! Head over to to receive a one month trial of our Business Plan for free. Just click on ‘Claim your deal’ on the Product Hunt banner here - - and sign up as a brand (influencers can create an account for free). Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback 🙏🏼 Cheers! Mats & the team
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I used Inzpire few times and I loved the transparency and the safe environment they created for their customers. Clean UI and awesome support from their team.
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@stanmassueras Thank you Stan! We really appreciate your feedback :)
@stanmassueras Thank you for the support!

We've been using in many different marketing campaigns and it's been a great success. Fast and easy way to get a big variety of content. Working in a marketing agency I really appreciate the end-to-end solution. Very easy to have control and manage different projects.


Easy to use. Easy to connect. Large network!


Can't find any

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Thanks for the review, Henriette!
I really love it! It is the perfect tool in 2018 🙌🏼😁 I recommend to check out 💛
@camilla_marie_gjersem Thank you for these awesome words! :)
Perfect for finding the right ambassador for your brand or product. Very easy to use.
Thank you for the kind words, @karina_wi! 🙌🏼