The user-friendly way of monetizing websites

With Inwemo visitors can donate a part of their CPU power to help financing the content on their favorite websites.

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Hey there! Thanks for hunting us, @surfcoderepeat! We had one question in mind when developing this product: "How can we help financing the content on our beloved websites without being distracted by more and more prominent ads?" With Inwemo website owners can now give their visitors the opportunity to support them with their spare CPU capacity.🤝 How does it work? Visitors help in validating transactions in the Monero blockchain („cryptomining“). ⛏ The Inwemo way of supporting your favorite website. Without any tracking. Without any disturbance. But always with your consent. ✅ We’d love to hear your thoughts, PH community! 😊 Best, Daniel P.S.: We published an article about the idea and our vision on Medium. Feel free to check it out and leave us your feedback!
@danielwi Cool concept, could you explain a bit more how the visitors help? How am I cryptomining just by being on a website? Thanks 🤓
@danielwi @abadesi We basically created a cryptominer that you can integrate into your website as a script. So when you visit a website that uses Inwemo you will start mining crypto coins for the website owner. But don't worry, you will be asked before the actual mining starts. We implemented the script on our own website if you want to see how it works:
@danielwi few questions: -How is this different from coin-hive and the others clones? -Where do you stand on mobile users? The majority of visitors on some website are from mobile -What are your fees on this? It's unclear from the website. -Can the webmaster/user have control on the number of threads? -Is you miner detected by Avast or other antivirus?
Congratulations on the launch @danielwi @jonas_hohmann @luca_boe! This is such an exciting concept to me, after first learning about Coinhive from the The Pirate Bay's blundered implementation. A few questions: • You have a bit of a dig at Coinhive in your Hackernoon article — is the main differentiator between your service and competitor scripts the handling of consent? Do you foresee an uphill battle trying to get ahead of any early negative press around the concept? • From my limited understanding of Crypto-mining, it's far more effective to use the GPU — what are the technical hurdles preventing you from implementing GPU mining, and is it likely to come with future iterations? • Slightly technical one based on The Pirate Bay debacle: your 'resource_use' parameter — is that aggregate across all tabs from one site currently open or per tab/window? Could a user max their CPU simply by having two tabs open (assuming 'resource_use' is set to at least .5)? • This might be thinking a bit far ahead (with a bit of influence from HBO's Silicon Valley), but do you have any plans to lease the collective compute power or partner with other companies, potentially yielding higher returns for your members? Thanks!
@jmilr Thanks! There are many other features that seperate us from other in-browser miners. Aditionally to the consent handling, we also offer way lower fees and payouts in USD and EUR (very soon). But the main difference is not so much in our product's features but in our vision. We want to create a way to monetize content that allows webmasters to stay independent from advertisers while still offering a greate expirience to the website visitor. Because in-browser mining is such a new technology we think that it might not be too late to rapair its image. It's true that GPUs are generally more effective for crypto mining. But the coin we use is built on a technology that makes mining on a CPU almost as effective. For more information on that topic check out If you run Inwemo on multiple tabs your CPU will most likely hit 100% but we are working on a solution for this. Right now the chances are pretty low that you'll open two tabs with pages that use Inwemo (we hope that this will change soon 😊). Using the CPU-power for cloud computing was one of our initial ideas when we started the project. We hope to implement something like this in the future.
It would be awesome if you could design the question prompt a little differently. I saw the box in the corner and quickly accepted thinking it was a cookie-acceptance type deal. I didn't notice it was a crypto miner until I continued reading down the site.
@sgehly In addition to this, once I have accepted, how do I get out of it or in other words, how do I withdraw my permission?
@sgehly @saifalfalah We are aware of that exact problem and wrote a chrome extension for it. You can get it here: It's very simple: Taping on the Icon will turn all webmining off and taping it again will turn it on. If its green the miner is running and if it red its not. We plan on building the functionality of the chrome extension. If you there is anything you want to see, make sure to contact us! :-)
Great product! Bringing a refreshing new approach to content monetisation through cryptomining 🔥
What is the average CPM?
@phippuuuu We have a revenue calculator on our website. You might want to check that out. (scroll to the bottom)