A job board for the emerging cannabis industry.

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Inweed is a job board for the emerging cannabis industry.

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I was actually looking for something like this exactly a month ago. Thanks for building it! This is such an exciting industry, but still quite opaque, so thanks for making it more transparent to everyone. πŸ™Œβœ¨
@anthilemoon thank you, it is a very exciting industry! It's fun watching it unfold.
I'm a mom and maker with a full-time job who taught herself how to build a web app in between chasing around rug rats and doing the 9-5 grind. β˜• Please let me know what you think!πŸ˜€
This is fantastic!! So glad a resource like this exists - and plus the UI is gorgeous.
@kellyfmill Thank you very much for the kind words. I got inspiration for the design from a few different spots... @levelsio (, @andreyazimov ( and @ksaitor (
Hey Sarah, this job board looks really cool. I see more and more startups launching cannabis related products. Some of them are featured here (cc @justinjunda @dmart423 @amyludlum @jonbishop @jordanhenryowen ). How many companies are hiring?
@justinjunda @dmart423 @amyludlum @jonbishop @jordanhenryowen @yesnoornext Thank you. I think as more and more states legalize, the stigma of the "gateway drug" will go away and we will see more cannabis related startups. It's hard to say exactly how many companies are hiring, it's honestly hard to keep up :) What I do know is that most of the jobs seem to be concentrated on the West Coast (tons in California), some in FL and MA. I hope to see that broaden a bit in months/years to come.
Excellent idea, A++ pun.
@_satelliteeyes Thank you! Grassdoor was already taken :)