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#1 Product of the DayMay 20, 2019 is a user engagement platform that enables you to create personalized customer interactions on the web like fully customizable mobile-friendly quizzes, price calculators, surveys, smart forms, personality tests, product configurators & much more.
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🌦 Having worked with various WYSIWYG tools over the years (from Mailchimp to Wix) I'm really impressed with how smooth the WYSIWYG editor of works. Great tool to build all kinds of interactive widgets with (acquisition, engagement. retention you name it).
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@__tosh Thank you for hunting us! 🥳 We're doing our best to make the content creation process as smooth and self-explanatory as possible, so you can easily build any type of engagement widget by drag & drop, from a simple interactive lead quiz to a complex price calculator.
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👋 Hello Product Hunters, Vlad from the team here. We’re absolutely thrilled and a bit anxious to be here. 😳 🎯 Roughly 10 months ago we released the first version of our product on PH under the name “brandquiz” with the vision of offering a quiz builder with the kind of design chops we hadn’t found elsewhere. 🚀 We’ve come a long way since and today we’re launching the next iteration of our tool as - a user engagement platform for the modern web that enables anyone to create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey. 💡 Use to increase user involvement | gather better data | grow online sales. ✨ Whether you’re a global brand, a small business owner, a digital marketer, in sales or run an e-commerce business, with you can easily and quickly build extremely customizable: ✅ quizzes, personality tests & surveys ✅ lead pages, promotions & contests ✅ interactive online storefronts ✅ digital sales assistants ✅ price calculators ✅ product configurators and much more, all while enriching user profiles. 💁 🎁 To celebrate yesterday's finale of GoT & today's World Metrology Day (we’re from the E.U. and use the metric system) we’d like to offer you a 40% discount for the first 2 months on any subscription plan. 🙏 Would love your feedback, especially if it’s the constructive kind - that's how we learn! 😊 From Vienna with ❤️(and ☕)
Upvote (10)Share is superb tools for our websites and e-commerce projects in several ways: - It’s so quick and easy to create new projects, launch them and get results. - 100% customizable design blends seamlessly with our websites. - We've got fantastic visitors engagement which generates a lot of leads or direct sales. - is bringing us great ROI and is definitely worth our money. 💰📈😄 Thanks for adding new features so quickly. Kudos to the product team! 👍✅👨‍💻 Peter
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@peter_sanders1 Thanks @peter_sanders1 for your great comment. We are glad your team is making great ROI with Thanks again for being our happy customer! 💵😎
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Hi Hunters, We have been working hard to make this product useful and easy to use. Curious what you guys think of it!
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We're excited to be on PH today! We've developed our interactive content builder to cover a lot of ground when it comes to engaging widgets, so it would be great to get your feedback on it! :)
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