Get behind-the-scenes access to your favorite nonprofits

Involve is rethinking donating to nonprofits. We’re enabling accountability and transparency with your donations. Get monthly Q&A video chats with your nonprofits and join a community of like-minded donors.
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Hi everyone! 👋 At Involve, we want to become the Patreon for nonprofits by bringing a human element to your donation experience. Become a virtual board member for your favorite nonprofits and make new friends who give a crap about the world 😍🌍🙌 Love, Julian, Nivi, Nicole, and Sashko
i dig! donating right now feels like throwing money into a wholesome void—i feel good about my decision for a bit, but then there's no real follow up that i'm looking forward to. i'm hoping this direct connection to the people behind the change can make that initial decision easier!
Great mission easy to use
Outside of MLH I'm actually on the board of a small non-profit and it's always super hard to showcase what we're doing to the world (gotta see it to believe) - would love to use this :)