Send invoices and custom receipts for your Stripe charges

Invoicebus is an online invoicing and billing service made specially for small businesses and freelancers. It's easy to create, send and get paid instantly for your work by connecting your Stripe account. With the Autoinvoicing™ feature Invoicebus will automatically send invoice every time a Stripe charge occurs.

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Hello hunters, Stefan from Invoicebus here. So thrilled to be featured at PH and get the chance to chat up with you guys! The idea behind the automatic invoicing is to allow startups who are using Stripe as payment processing gateway, send invoices for their products and services seamlessly. Instead of implementing an in-house invoicing logic (which could easily turn into a nightmare), Invoicebus automatically generates a full invoice and delivers it to the customer every time a Stripe charge occurs. No matter the charge type (one-time or recurring), customers will always get properly formatted invoice with all necessary details. This can also be used to send custom payment receipts when the Stripe receipts are not enough (if you are dealing with international B2B customers, jurisdictions in many states/countries impose laws that require you to include additional information for the purchase such as registered VAT number, seller details, breakdown of taxes, list of rendered products or services, etc). Taking the simplicity as one of the biggest considerations in everything we do, we tried to apply (hold true) the same principle here. So basically it’s a one-click integration – no code or special setup required. Would love to hear what you guys think. Any questions, comments, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Ps. We are immensely grateful to @blendahtom who gone out of his way and found the time to share our product with the PH community. Hat tip, Tom!
@chachovski What are the type of customers this is perfect for? Freelancers?
@chachovski does this have the ability to flag people who want invoices monthly vs. those who don't?
@blendahtom While freelancers can use the manual invoicing feature (create invoice -> email it -> get paid), the auto invoicing is meant for businesses which need to send invoices for purchases made on their website (customer buys a product/service on your website -> Invoicebus delivers them a full invoice). This can include shopping carts, SaaS solutions, or any kind of subscription-based business. So, instead of adding a third-party plugin or building your own, you only need to connect Stripe with Invoicebus and we'll do the rest.
@lukethomas14 It has, but currently you have to do it by passing a custom parameter in the Stripe metadata object. If enough people ask for this feature, I think we can definitely consider adding an option in the interface.
Love this concept by @chachovski & @justd100 and should allow more people to use Stripe that would normally use Paypal! Interested in the evolution of this product.
Looks great! Says on the website that recurring payments will be built in by the end of 2016, you gonna get that done in the next 2 weeks?
@eidsaunempire Thanks, Mike! We greatly appreciate your support. We're in the final development stage with this and work hard to keep that promise!