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Hey, wonderful people! We've been working on a product that helps you create beautiful looking invoices for FREE! Our aim is to shift people from using Excel/Word to something a little nicer! It even has automated reminders - something so many people we've found need to make sure they get paid on time. It's an MVP with loads more features to come, but we need your thoughts, is there something missing here that you need when creating your invoices? Would you share this with your friends?
@aftabarab Is there a possibility to have currency exchange shown as well? For instance, you want the pricing to be shown in USD and then show the final pricing in local currency based on the customer.
@aftabarab I love it! Tested it, and email name is showing as "no-reply"
@xinenhong Hi Elle, Thanks for letting me know, we'll get that fixed as soon as possible! :-)
@jindalish Hi Ish, that's a really neat idea. Do you often work with clients with different currencies?
@aftabarab Yes. In fact, our standard invoice has the exchange rate field and we just keep it as 1 if it's a US client.
According to your Terms of Use, you are collecting all that submitted info. Looks like a very aggresive infomediary! What about open-sourcing the whole thing, since it's "free" anyway?
Hey, this is a great product ! What about a feature allowing to modify the terms we can't change ("quantity", "cost", "price"...) ? I'm french and I'd really like to use your product, but unfortunately the law in my country prohibits other langages than French in invoices.
Great product! How would you use the other templates shown on the landing, can't find the option for that..?
@itsiliad Hey @itsiliad, thank you! You can find the other themes on the left panel when you're creating your invoice. Let me know if you have any feedback! :-)
@aftabarab Yes, "Select Template" only has 1 option, "Nadelhorn"
@itsiliad Hey! We've fixed this for you this morning. Let me know if you're still having problems :-)
@aftabarab I still only see 1. I see in the code there are more items though
@itsiliad Hmmm I wonder what browser/device you're using?