Invoice Pigeon

Simple one time and recurring invoice generator for Stripe

I've only just started having to generate my own invoices so I like seeing simple tools out there that help. However, I saw it says this in it's disclaimer: is a free tool to invoice clients with your stripe account. You'll pay $1 if you successfully bill a client, all income generated from this little side project will go into making the product better. Not sure if it is early and my coffee hasn't kicked in or whether this claims to be free but you have to pay if it works ?? EDIT: Has now been amended :)
@bentossell You are right it does look kind of missleading! actually we were still editing the site until this morning but got hunted in the nigth! I just changed the disclaimer ;)
Hi Guys, I'm one of the creators of , I just started programming and developed this with a friend as a side project, I know there are a lot of other simple inoivce generator with Stripe but our advantages are that you can also: -Send a recurring payment invoice -Your client will get a professional looking invoice to their email. -You'll Get notified by email when your client pays. Please feel free to ask me any questions :)