#4 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2019
Invoice.app is a simple, easy to use and powerful invoicing app. It has been carefully designed and developed to offer the best user experience. It’s perfect for freelancers, contractors and small business owners. Available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.
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The macOS version of Invoice.app just got released 🎉
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@petestojanowski Weird I can't download.
@menjilx It requires macOS Catalina.
Tried it out on an iPad and I must say it is GORGEOUS and very user friendly! Pricing is reasonable (<15€ per year) BUT some things are missing and that’s unfortunately a deal breaker for me and surely for many others. Namely: - no languages other than English. Ideally we’d be able to choose the language of each document. You don’t even really have to provide the translations, you can let users translate each term and save them under a language preset which they’ll be able to use in the future. - nothing but numbers allowed in the invoice number field. Please add support for letters and special characters, like slashes and dashes. - you can’t set a default “comment”. For example, in my country some businesses are legally obligated to include a short message (“In accordance with the [...] regulation”) which I’d have to copy and paste every time. That’s all I can think of right now. Inventory management would be a great addition but it doesn’t apply to me and this is aimed at service providers and not stores anyway. The invoice template looks awesome but more customization options would be appreciated. Please keep working on this!! I’d love to start using it!
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Hi @anna_0x ! Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you like the app. Regarding your questions: - The app currently supports English, Polish, French and Swedish language. In terms of a language preset per document, I just added an option where you can rename PDF fields. It will be a global setting for now but I’ll consider adding this as a property of each document. I’m also happy to give you a discount if you’d like to translate the app into your language. - Custom number are almost ready. - Default comment will come in next few weeks ;) In summary, the next release 1.3.0 will include: - Ability to rename PDF fields - Custom numbers - More PDF customisation options (fonts and colors) It should be live in the next couple of days. If you have any other feature requests, feel free to email me on contact@invoice.app and I will consider adding them. Many more features are coming as well as Android app (probably next year though) so stay tuned :)
@invoice @petestojanowski YAAAASSHHHH I was about to ask for an Android app! 🤩 Regarding the language: yes, I was referring to a per-document setting~ I'd love to have that feature. I think it's much needed in the EU because a business based in—say—Germany, doesn't only work with German customers, but customers from various EU countries, which all speak different languages. People in Europe tend to be multilingual as well, so sending an English invoice to a customer with whom they communicate in German would seem really weird. I'd love to help with the translation. Sending you an email soon 😄
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Wow, such a beautiful design! Now I will do my ivoices with pleasure!
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I’m always looking for a good invoice app for Mac. Will definitely check this one out.
I can't find your app in the app store. I'm living in france
Hi @ben_duagim , are you on macOS Catalina?