Meet new friends and challenge them to invite you

Invitime is a social network based on invitations, where you can create general invitations, challenges to get who pays your adventures and contests to get who accompany you. Each invitation has its own chat and you can share them with your followers or on another social networks platforms.

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Joseph Robert Fallon IIIMarketing Specialist,
for college students seems like a great app.
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With Invitime you go beyond events, because for every event you can create or find many invitations. Actually, an event itself can be a general invitation and the guests will be able to create from it new: pinvis (invitations where you said your guests you pinvear them, meaning you pay their expenses), pinviContests (where your guests become nominees and through the invitation's chat you will choose your companions for your adventure) and pinviChallenges (that tells your guests your intention to get pinveared by one of them, meaning pay for your expenses). So if you don´t have idea where to go out or with whom or no money, this is the app for you.