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I manage few Slack communities, and I always have issues when it comes to add people to them... I tried few hacks using Typeform or hosting a script on Heroku, but it was never an ideal solution and something I could maintain. With InviteRobot I can also think about ways to monetize those Slack Communities. Give it a try ;)
@picsoung thanks for your support Nicolas!
Hey Product Hunters! We've spent the last few months building this thing, and we're extremely excited to be on Product Hunt today! Thanks @picsoung for the hunt :) I'm Julien and am one of the 3 co-founders of InviteRobot. InviteRobot lets you create professional paid communities from any Slack team. We've created InviteRobot out of frustration with existing community building tools, and worked hard to make InviteRobot the easiest & most professional Slack paywall tool out there. In a nutshell: - connect both your Slack and Stripe accounts - create your subscription plans. Single payment, recurring subscriptions, multiple plans... Go crazy with your pricing! - paste our widget in any page you want to, on your own website, your blog, etc. - your members will be automatically invited to your Slack team as soon as their payment is processed. No more hacking forms or fiddling with APIs! Our main goal is not only to give you an easy way to get you started, but also to help you manage your community all along the way. And because we know it takes time to build a strong community, everyone including Product Hunters can use InviteRobot for free for their 15 first members. No time-limit! Cheers, Julien & team
@supacruz this is cool, but is this kosher with Slack's TOS?
@chrismessina @supacruz Hi Chris, thank you for your comment. Yes we do respect Slack's TOS and policies
In August 2016, Remotive's Slack community had 150 members and folks could join us after subscribing via Stripe. We used to invite new members manually, yet it wasn't the best experience for everyone involved: Those who paid had to wait until we invited them, and we had to rush those invites on our end. Then, we found InviteRobot. We've been working with them and have seen the product evolve from an MVP to a fine service - happy to report it's working great for us, and we're now approaching 500 members!
@rdutel Thank you Rodolphe! We’re glad to play a small role in the success of the lively Remotive community :)
Just launched with @inviterobot! Thanks guys!