Simplify scheduling: You’ll never plan differently.

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Alec Garcia
Alec Garcia@calialec · Coffee ☕️, code 👨‍💻, and travel ✈️.
Greg Gibson
Greg Gibson@mobilegreg · Director of Data, Magnetic
@calialec Hmmmmm... Even the Screenies and color scheme look the same... Begs the question, doesn't it?
@mobilegreg @calialec yea but the other has video! Does not beg the question, no :) On another note, if you guys interested in "Scheduling", would love to hear your toughts on SQEDit:
Rob Woodbridge
Rob Woodbridge@robwoodbridge ·
Not sold on the fact you need a Facebook account AND you need the app to accept a meeting. Too many steps added to simply accept a meeting request.
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
"The best way to schedule meetings, parties, and study groups." Gonna be a big hit in the planning biz if you ask me.
Anthony Painter
Anthony Painter@a12rj · operations, investor, problem solver
No way to test for those not on Facebook. Is there a work around? Thx
Bilal Khettab
Bilal Khettab@creartinc · UX/UI Designer
The app closed unexpectedly right after I signed up with Facebook.. anyone with the same issue?