This is the guide we wish we had when we started freelancing.

It's a collaboration between InVision, the world's leading design platform, and Bonsai, the world's leading freelance management platform.

It's for freelancers of all kinds: new or experienced, moonlighter or full time, designer, developer, photographer, writer, marketer, you name it.

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Matt Brown
Co-Founder, Bonsai (
Hi Product Hunters! We're very excited about this collaboration between InVision and Bonsai. Freelancing can be super rewarding and challenging at the same time. You're a business of one, responsible for everything, and the learning curve can be steep. Recognizing the challenges freelancers face in starting up or scaling up their business, we wrote the guide we wish we had at those points in our freelance careers. It covers everything from how to find clients, build a brand, protect your business with contracts, set your pricing, get paid on time, and much more. We hope it's helpful to you. Don't hesitate to comment or email us with any questions or feedback!
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Paul GarrethContent Strategist / Writer in NYC
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Paul GarrethContent Strategist / Writer in NYC

Awesome resource and very excited to see that two of my preferred brands are working together to help creatives like me! A big shout out to you guys!


- Super comprehensive and insightful guide

- Love how easy it is to read

- Format is very practical for my iPhone and iPad


- Maybe more design specific topics?

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Paul GarrethContent Strategist / Writer in NYC
Super excited by this guys! Can't wait to take the plane next week and read it all! Any plan on writing a design specific guide?
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Vlad Calus
CMO at Planable
Loved it, Matt! Just remember that I wrote something similar to this earlier on our blog, a guide on how to become a badass digital marketing freelancer -
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