InVision Studio Pocketbook is a free ebook to help you learn InVision Studio. Rather than learn feature-by-feature you'll see how Studio fits into the screen design workflow, which means you'll also learn a little about other InVision tools like Boards, Freehand, and Inspect, which all integrate with Studio in some way.

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Hello all 👋 Daniel here, the writer ✍️ (and maker of UX Tricks). I’d love to hear your feedback on our ebook! Below you'll find the list of chapters, including those coming later according to what we know about InVision Studio's upcoming features — maybe the InVision team can let us know if I've missed anything 😉 Chapter 1: Getting Started (Page 6) Chapter 2: Ideation (Page 14) Chapter 3: Low-Fidelity Prototyping (Page 29) Chapter 4: Collaboration (Page 61) Chapter 5: High-Fidelity Prototyping (Page 74) Chapter 6: Vectors & Exporting (Page 94) Chapter 7: Animation (Page 114) Chapter 8: Design Systems (coming soon) Chapter 9: Studio Apps (coming soon) Chapter 10: Advanced Animation (coming soon) Chapter 11: Advanced Illustration (coming soon) Bonus: Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (Page 127) You're also welcome to AMA about design, writing, Studio, or anything else you might want to know!
@mrdanielschwarz Love this!!! Was looking for something like this, that goes through the whole process!!! Only a minor annoyance is the required name/address to proceed, but nothing important! Downloaded and will get started ASAP!!! Thank you Daniel!!!
@anges244 Yeah, sorry about that. It's a silly thing that Shopify enforces that we couldn’t work around, however I did include a Dropbox link (right at the top of this screen) that let’s you bypass all that and download anonymously. Really appreciate the support and kind words, did the download go okay? Let me know if you need any help!
@mrdanielschwarz Yeah, it did! Thanks again for this!! Great job!!!
I can not access it