InVision Studio Course is a 3 hour long video training, packed with tips for UI designers. In Studio you’ll be able to shape your designs from its early drafts to an animated prototype. Learn from the course and you’ll be ready to use this new tool in your projects.

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Hi Guys! 👋 I'm thrilled to be on PH again with my new course on InVision Studio 🎉 This course is aimed at both aspiring and professional UI/UX designers who want to try out InVision Studio. It’s a brand new UI design tool available for both Mac and Windows (coming soon). Moreover, it’s free to use - and so is this course. In Studio you’ll be able to shape your designs from its early drafts to a polished, animated prototype. With both practical knowledge and theory, you’ll be ready to use it in your projects. InVision Studio course is one of the courses you’ll find on - my online learning platform for UX/UI designers. I want to challenge learning landscape and offer training that is straight to the point as well as involves practical, beautiful examples, and goes beyond the basics. I’m here to show you: 👉 How to start your work with InVision Studio 👉 Some of the more advanced workflows and tips on how to use Studio’s potential 👉 The practical process of creating an interface 👉 How to make your work easier, quicker and better 👉 And WAY more Please, share your feedback and let me know what you think! I’d be happy to answer any of your questions 🙌
@learnuxio Thanks Greg for all your hard work. I enjoy learning from your tutorials!
@barihard Thank you! Great to hear this 🙌
Thank alot man..... I was waiting for this!
@kevojuice Happy to hear this, enjoy 👍
I can't wait to learn invison..your courses has been incredible.
@shesan Thank you for that! Hope you'll enjoy this course.
@learnuxio Good course so far almost done with the tutorial. Anyway I'd suggest you create a separate exercise file without the solution been done so it will be easy to follow along. Thanks
So much yes! Learn UX is the platform for the UI/UX designer!!! ♥️
@alemohamad Thanks so much Ale for your support 🤟
Great work 👍 Any plans on InVision platform course? Would love to see this covered by you!
@kat_gawrys Thanks 🙌No precise plans for now, but who knows? 😉