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Download invision prototypes as PNG's directly.

When you are working with an InVision prototype the biggest obstacle is to simply download the prototype as a high-resolution PNG. We fixed that issue. Our chrome extension allows you to download a design prototype from InVision directly as an image.
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Hey Product Hunters... For years now I have been running into an issue with Invision Prototypes when dealing with clients. Problem #1: It's not easy to navigate and have to explain InVision every time to a new client. Even if you explain it correctly, they don't end up using the "commenting" option and still send everything in an email or a google doc. Problem #2: there is no easy way to download the PNG in hi-res without using the Google chrome "inspect" tool and tracking down the image URL, opening in a new tab, right click, and then download... Solution: when you are in the InVision project screen, you can just click on our Chrome Extension and it will automatically download the design file as a high-resolution PNG. All and any feedback is welcome.
Nice. As a developer I always used to do this to overlay designs instead of asking the designer to export. Be nice if it wasn't Invision specific, as I now use Adobe XD and have the same issue.
@chewx maybe we can cook something up for you?
This is a micro problem I've faced many times. Thanks, @zbijelic.
@rrhoover Thanks for the love! It’s definitely an obstacle that I’ve been dealing with for a long time. Glad to hear you are finding it useful. Feedback is always appreciated. 😀
@zbijelic This is really helpful! I am the Product Designer for a startup so I am sharing InVision links to people across the organization. This makes it much easier for anyone from sales to development to grab the designs I share!
@marcoafabrega I’m so happy to hear that this is a tool that you can utilize. Please don’t hesitate to share any feedback regarding the app. Also any other micro problems (as @rrhoover mentioned) That you might have don’t hesitate to reach out to me my team is always looking to create useful apps. 🙌🏼
Wow! Very useful and simple! I've always had hard time to get the actual images from InVision for sharing and archiving reasons until I discovered this amazingly simple extension. Good job @zbijelic !
@ekrem_ates thank you for the love! 🙏