The HEED long distance wireless charger stays hidden under tables and countertops and charges your phone through them. Easy peel-and-stick installation.
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OK, I literally just signed up, but this is a $45 aliexpress item, put into a landing page charging $99. Not that I'm against that, but as ranked #3 on product hunt, I'm coming away very confused.
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Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
These appear to be half price on Amazon:
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OmnipresentHi there

Purchased on Amazon and it failed to work


I purchased one AMAZON and it failed to Charge my iPhone Xr


Does not work.. great idea though

Ryan Leverington💎💵 Serial Entrepreneur 💵
Its not invisible, I can still see it! Jokes aside, what makes this different from every other wireless charger out there? Is it simply the peel and stick that's your USP?
I got it. The work is very good .
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