Invisible Office Hours

A podcast for unconventional thinkers

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Hey all, @iwearyourshirt and I started this because wanted to listen to a different type of podcast. One for creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc, like us - but one that didn't just interview the same people as every other podcast and talk about the same things. So we started this podcast to talk about things that not everyone was talking about: fear, comparison, perception - all relating to working for yourself or launching products, but more the what happens behind the scenes and is the motivation for all the other stuff. I hope you enjoy the show. We're on season two now, and hope to have many more seasons. -Paul
!! A fantastic series. Glad to see it hunted.
Love this podcast!!
What a great podcast. So happy to see the release of season 2.
One of my favorite podcasts a must listen for any designer and entrepreneur. The show is educational, funny and insightful. I have learned so much much from Paul and Jason. Thank you for the great work! :)
@deysonortiz Thank you sir!
@deysonortiz woot woot! Thanks man.