Invisible Line

The only text editor to create the line with the text around

Invisible line is a mini text editor for experimenting a new way to align text: the text is aligned so as to create an invisible vertical line. Enter your text, choose your favorite style and download or share your invisible line!
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This is an incredibly fun experiment!
@zyumbik wow! thanks!
The idea of Invisible Line comes from reading "Thinking with type" (2004 - Ellen Lupton): immersed in reading the text alignment chapter, suddenly a image appears to me, a shock! I discover that two geniuses have written an entire book aligning the text so that it is formed an invisible line throughout the paragraph! Wow! Amazing! The book is titled "Informal" (2002), the two genes are Cecil Balmond and Jannuzzi Smith, the technique used is called "Flush left and flush right". Invisible Line try to replicate this technique on the web, proposing new possibilities for aligning the texts. Invisible line is a little text-editor, the possible alignments replicate the traditional ones: centered, justified, left and right. You can move the position of the invisible line by simply clicking on the text, where you want to get the division. You can also apply 4 different styles to the text, download it in png format or share it in the web. Invisible Line is also a downloadable Jquery plugin. Download, instructions and a tool to generate the code are available on the site. Have fun;)
Wow! How long have I been looking for it. How can I try it? Congratulations!
@peteliev Thanks! In fact there is no similar editor;) To try it, go to the site, click on edit text to insert your text, you can customize the title and paragraph. Once the text is inserted you can move the line, choose the alignment and one of the four available styles. When you are finished you can download the png image or share your personal url with the modified text.