Invisible Boyfriend

Finally, a boyfriend your family can believe in.

Invisible Boyfriend is a digital version of a boyfriend without the baggage.

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Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship - even if you’re not. Launched by the same team behind Invisible Girlfriend
In related news, I'm starting a self-help consultancy that'll teach you how to confront bullying friends and family members so you don't have to use technology to fake a significant other. DM me ;) Silly. Well designed site.
From the site: "Around Thanksgiving, my mom called me and asked if she should set an extra place for someone I’m bringing,” Matt recalls. “In that moment I realized how great it would be to have an answer for her that didn’t require me to actually be dating someone.” Like why would you want to lie to your REAL loved ones? - Down vote. :)
They should really remove their "authenticity" test. It's always 2+3 and it's stored as text. Removing it may also increase signups.