A single bot that can do everything πŸ€–πŸ’¬

Starting at $10 per hour, you can automate your entire life and business and save up to 41% of your time.

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Feels pretty misleading. It's only a bot in that it redirects your emailed tasks to humans who then do the work? The bot isn't doing the work, it's just telling other people (humans) to do the work. I don't like how the exterior branding of this service strips the humanity out of it to make you think a bot is doing the work.
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Corey BreierExploring SuperConnector Apps
@jacksonldame Thanks for the feedback! You are correct - it's a chatbot that manages humans. But we've found that when we pitch that to leads they just get confused about who is doing the work. So we stick to the 'bot' offer up front, but readily speak about the humans if you look closer. For example, check out some of the agent profiles on - our agents say we're the best jobs they've ever had - because managing freelancer contracts is no fun for them either! As time goes on we will call out the human aspect more - one of our theses is that 70% of the world lives on less than $10 a day, but over 50% have access to the internet, so there's huge opportunities in being the platform that empowers that arbitrage, and brings the developing world into the digital. @francis_pedraza can share more if he likes.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
I met @francispedraza in London earlier this year and was super impressed by the vision. Time is becoming our most precious commodity and Invisible helps us save it, while also working with individuals across the globe so they are not excluded from tech's economic growth opportunities.
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Francis Pedraza
At Invisible
@francispedraza @abadesi Awww. Thank you Abadesi!! We're excited.
shashidhar enagantiGrowth Hacking
Like It. The idea behind the bot, which focuses on getting the routine or mundane work done swiftly. Totally agree to the point that technology will not rob human jobs, they add value to human life else half of the world would have been still in textile mills