Premium invisible socks for superior comfort & function.

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    Actually invisible


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    Finally ordered these... they're great. I've tried a few "invisible" socks, and you can usually see the sock when wearing Vans or loafers... these are totally hidden and comfortable.


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Matthew OntengcoMaker@matthew_ontengco · Founder @
INVISASOX is a startup out of UCF bringing the world a redesigned no show sock that’s as comfortable to wear as it is well made and functional, to help fight the frustrations so many people have with the current no show socks on the market. What we've focused on is: 1. Breathable cotton & spandex material blend that comfortably hugs the foot. 2. True invisible cut that's comfortable for everyday, but always stays hidden. 3. Fail proof no-slip design via the unique mesh heel grip and 35% spandex fabric. If you have any questions let me know!
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
@matthew_ontengco this is definitely something I want to order, but I noticed your site is having cert errors. I'll send you a screenshot on twitter.
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
@rrhoover any idea why @matthew_ontengco's username isn't linking correctly? Looks like it's dropping the "o" so he might not be getting notifications.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@patrickryanlane seems to be working fine for me!
Matthew OntengcoMaker@matthew_ontengco · Founder @
@patrickryanlane Hey, just saw the screenshot on twitter. That's really weird, I'm going to try and fix it now. Thanks for sending it btw,
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
@matthew_ontengco no problem! Some extra info, I'm only getting the error when I'm connected to my wifi at the office, so it may be the settings are a bit strict and other people won't get the error. I checked on LTE and it worked perfectly.
John SaddingtonPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
Okay. So, I ordered these because of this PH listing. I blame both PH and everyone else for making me buy these awesome socks.
🤦🏼‍♂️ LOL.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just bought a few pairs. Thanks for the code, @matthew_ontengco. 🙏🏼
Matthew OntengcoMaker@matthew_ontengco · Founder @
@rrhoover No problem dude. Thanks!
Adam Revetta@arrev · Founder, CollaborDate & ScareHunt
Hi @matthew_ontengco, I've purchased similarly-styled socks from Amazon before, with the low profile and grip on back. It definitely beats going sock less! What makes yours different from those that are currently available?
Matthew OntengcoMaker@matthew_ontengco · Founder @
@arrev Hey Adam, I just commented with a little bit about us and about why our socks are different. Cheers!
Alexandre Vallières@vallieres · ½ of | Web Developer | Blogger
My bran read INVISA OS X and immediately thought of an OS X app...