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As one of the Founders it has been a bless to be part of this team. The thing I love the most about Inviita is helping people everywhere finding great things to do and places to visit. Enjoy our app! We've made it for you. By the way, wanna see a cool thing? Go on the App Store and search for 😎 see what happens!
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@bernardo_vestia don't get all sentimental but... It has been a bless to have you on our team as well! 👊
Hi, I’m the CEO of Inviita. Inviita is an app that creates you personalized city tours, according to your mood! These tours are a mix of places to visit and bookable activities, that you can then customize on your own. We built Inviita so it is quick and easy for people to discover what to do and where to go in any city, and it's available worldwide! Go ahead and try it out. Give us comments, feedback and suggestions because we honestly appreciate that! :) At the moment Inviita is available for iPhone, but will soon expand to other platforms. We have many ideas but we’re excited to hear from you! So hey! Use it and abuse it, have fun and feel the world as you want! ;)
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@joana_baptista Congratulations on being hunted! Inviita looks awesome!
@isss111 Thank you so much! :) <3
@joana_baptista Happy to hear from Inviita's team again. Again i'm not able to try the app out to give my feedback, this time, I'm an iOS device short to be able to :) But this is an iteration of an award winning concept/app, so everyone else should try it out and let them know, you might be looking at the best time saver/recommendation app for your next trip/leisure time. Best of luck and it's great to know that you are still hustling on this competitive space.
@joantune Thanks! Sooner than you think you will be able to test it ;)
This is a cool concept! Excited to try this in Houston! Even as a local, I never have the same experience twice :)
Very cool concept of selecting experiences based on what you are in the mood for, great for exploring a new city and know the best places and activities as if you were with a local right by your side. P.S.: Congrats @bernardo_vestia, @joana_baptista and all the team