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Embed media, photos and games without leaving chat

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I've been watching Iddo build this product for a few years. He spent a lot of time with teens trying to understand how they used text, and how to better engage with them. The app has turned out both beautiful in design and simple in execution.
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Thanks for hunting us @micah! invi is ready! We would love to get feedback and answer any questions. We built invi to upgrade our Android SMS experience, turning it into a rich and visual experience. We wanted to make sharing rich media super easy. invi integrates rich media into the chat, so YouTube clips, photos, articles, web pages and even games are now part of the conversation. I’m no longer constantly bouncing in and out of chats to view content or to find content to share. invi completely replaces the native SMS app that comes with Android phones, so I can SMS any of my friends, even if they don’t have invi. I would like to thank all the team for putting so much hard work and love into bringing invi to life. Thank you to Noam, Adrien, Jenny, Shiri, Chris, Ariel, Ofer, Tracy, Yaron, Avner, Tom, Shiri, Carol, Amira, Lior, Ran, Solina, Jason, Ashton, Ben, Ullas, Brian, Frances, Gilad, Raymond, Gad, Kelly, Guy, Alpesh, Bart, Jason, Kevin, Abe, Raphael, Shakil, Dror, Gil, Shuli, Liron, Mark, Stephen, John, Ahmed, Hisham, Joe, Joseph, Ohad, Ed, Lior, Warren, Yossi, Shula, David, Canice, Bo, Paul, Rocina, Jack and Jeff. Try it on your Android phone and please let us know what you think! Best, Iddo and the invi team
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two thumbs up for product
My old SMS app really doesn't compare. With invi everything is fun, simple and most of all... Convenient. I can't stress that enough. I love that I can watch videos or surf the web while texting my friends. Super cool stuff. It's a pleasure working on this app, and I'm excited for more new things to come!