Team conversations and knowledge sharing on any webpage

Inverse is a Chrome extension that enables teams to have conversations and share knowledge on any webpage. This information is automatically tied to specific URLs, so you can create a common thread that connects related pages.
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Hey Product Hunt ๐Ÿ‘‹ Excited to share Inverse, a Chrome extension that enables teams to have conversations and share knowledge on any webpage. Work is increasingly fragmented across a number of tools, chat, and email, so we started building Inverse as a way to help teams stay on the same page no matter where work is being done. Instead of digging through search or messages to pick up on things, Inverse allows your team can seamlessly pick up on shared context without ever having to go look for it. Looking forward to any questions and feedback :)
@probablyharis This is brilliant absolutely brilliant.
@dana_balsley Hey thanks so much! We've got a lot more on the way so stay tuned :)
Inverse is a dream you have in the evening that finally becomes true.
@meanjim Dreams shape our reality <3
This is super clever. I wouldn't use this as I don't work with a team, so my feedback/questions are of limited value, but do comments made using this tie back to Slack or anything? Or does the team have to visit a specific URL to see comments on it?
@ramykhuffash Thanks for the kind words Ramy! There are lots of folks using Inverse personally as well to take notes and keep track of bookmarks (if that's something you're into). To answer your question, we're currently working on email notifications and a Slack integration that will give you more control around how you share and collaborate with other people in your organization. At the moment you can see comments by either going to the specific page or by opening the All Threads tab and viewing the thread + comments from there. Either way, you have to use the extension for the time being :)
Great Chrome Extension! As a growth marketer, I need to collaborate with front-end devs a lot. It can be complicated to send a bunch of texts via Slack. It's working well, but I'm wondering if adding an option of targeting pieces of the web page would be better. If I'm giving comments on something, it would be interesting for the other collaborator to know exactly which part I'm talking about. I know that this is not the first purpose of this product (conversation & knowledge vs. visual and design), but I still believe it would be beneficial for your users.
@bujold19 Hey Gabriel! You're not alone on this one. A handful of designers have also given us this feedback about their workflow with devs. It's on our todo list :) How do you currently manage this process? Would love to learn more if you have some time to chat.
Hi. Great product. I tried signing in. But getting the following error: Identity API Scope approval UI quit unexpectedly Any idea, what's wrong? Would love to try it!
@aslamabbas Hey thanks for the kind words Aslam! Sorry for the hiccup. We're looking into what happened. I got your email so I'll follow up with you there ๐Ÿ‘