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A Social Network focused on connecting people's collections.
Every collection gets its own Chatroom for users to easily bounce opinions and ideas off each other.
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πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone! Finally we're able to launch InventoryApp on ProductHunt πŸŽ‰ (A huge thanks to @chrismessina for hunting our app!) So what's InventoryApp? Why another social network? We all have things we particular liked or loved that we sure want to share with our friends but often they just never came up in our conversations. InventoryApp provides a place for you to *showoff* your awesome collections so you can have more interactions with friends! InventoryApp is (in a nutshell): - a lightweight PWA for desktop & mobile (so you don't have to download a "bloated" native app just to try it) - that focused on Items (or Products) as the unit element of context for conversations - user can create public/private Collections (each with its own Chatroom) - and it's FREE!! πŸŽ‰ We need your feedback so we can make this app better!
Great product! Any plans to introduce a commerce feature to let collectors make offers on goods?
@lachlankirkwood thanks! that definitely is in our roadmap ;)
@lachlankirkwood @peterhsieh_ Good luck. It'll turn into a big project if you keep adding features!
@lachlankirkwood @glennf__ff thanks! In the near future we'll add Shopify integration first! ;)
Very well, really great product!
Okay, seems many users are complaining about requiring signup just to view the items (what they hate about Pinterest), I've updated the app so that guest users can view/explore items freely. :)