Inventory List

Track things and take your inventory with you 🗄

Inventory List is the best inventory app for iOS. Create any type of inventory using simple to use but powerful tools like tags, custom fields, photos, locations, collections, filters and more. It works better than spreadsheets or pen & paper.




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Amrith ShanbhagHunter@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
Saw this on the 'New Apps We Love' list on the App Store.. Looks like a neat little way to keep a track of all physical things for anyone 🗃
FabianMaker@fabianalexander · Developer
@amrith Thank you for hunting us! I hope many people find it useful.
FabianMaker@fabianalexander · Developer
Hey Product Hunt, I created this app to help people who are managing their inventory with spreadsheets and pen & paper and need something better that works with their iOS devices. The response has been very positive and Inventory List has been featured by Apple in the "New Apps We Love" section of the App Store, as well the recent story "How To Streamline Your Business." Even if you don’t manage a large inventory, Inventory List is worth a look if you’ve ever wanted to create a home inventory.
NaveenKumar Namachivayam@naveenkumar · Performance Test Lead |
What are the pro features?
FabianMaker@fabianalexander · Developer
@naveenkumar Hello there! The subscription allows you to share your inventory with other users and collaborate. Originally, the app had two subscription options, but we switched to offering only one type of subscription. The motivation behind this is to make all features available to all subscribers.
NaveenKumar Namachivayam@naveenkumar · Performance Test Lead |
@fabianalexander Thanks Fabian. :)