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#2 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2018

Invent With Python is a free online resource to help you learn Python.

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Lama Al Rajih
Lama Al RajihHunter@lamaalrajih
I found this gem via a recommendation from someone I know, and I wanted to share it with the community. I haven't been using it very long, but it's amazing as a resource for a self-taught learner! Al Sweigart (the creator) uploaded his books to Invent With Python for free, but you can buy a hard copy on Amazon, etc. He also has Udemy courses, Youtube Channel, blog, etc. Highly reccomend!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@lamaalrajih Super cool thanks for sharing!
Trax Takeshi
Trax Takeshi@hostragon · DevOps Team Lead, Hostragon LLC
A good set of books to start Python.
Brown Tex
Brown Tex@browntex · job
It would be very necesary for my job.
Jenny Pines
Jenny Pines@jenny_pines
Cool! I want to learn Python too to make some grat software. I have recently read the article from about it, and it inspired me a lot, I have to say. Maybe you will like it too, take a look there ;)
Olivia Aron
Olivia Aron@olivia_aron
Introductions to Python are easily available. But most of the Python tutorials for beginners end up with same lessons leaving the new programmer with leaving holes in how their newly acquire skills can be applied practically. More web development strategies...