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Hey everyone! Excited to be on Product Hunt today. Thanks for hunting us Kevin @kwdinc. [ Edit: Here is a video that gives you a quick overview ] Intutel is a market intelligence cloud - a suite of monitoring & analytics tools to help brands/ marketers / market research companies to analyse a brand's overall online presence or to assess an industry. What is up today on PH is our social media analytics product - Key features: • audience insights: follower growth, most engaging users, influencers in your fans • post analysis: by day, hour, type of posts, optimal time, • user post analysis: response times, top posts from customers, sentiment analysis • brand strategy: timeline of popular topics • competitive benchmark: compare engagement metrics across competitors Intutel stands out among other tools with 1. timeline of popular topics - helps you dissect competitor content strategy quickly 2. one place to track all social channels - saves 3. highly suitable for multiple accounts: we white label for agencies 4. competitive pricing Hope you like the early preview! Ask me questions, send us feedback, feature requests and we will add them in our product roadmap. PS: We have 50% off just for product hunters - "PH50" is the coupon - valid till Apr 18th, discount applicable on the package and the time period you pay for today.
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Intutel Social Media Analytics helps analyze and gain insights across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You can understand how your audience engages with your content by measuring the effectiveness of your content strategy and of your competitors.
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Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for hunting us. Inputs from people are quite useful and encouraging.
I just took a test drive of your site and was really impressed. Easy to use and insightful. Nice work!
@pthib thanks :) Let us know what more we should add. Would you like to signup for mendr ? We can help you get up and running quickly.
@jyothirmayee Yes! I just signed up for the 30 day trial
Interesting product for sure. Initial concern is the webpage isn't optimized for mobile considering people often use twitter especially on their phones might be something to improve on. The features are lit though and I love the level of detail included with the analytics
@tese_omesan thanks Tese. Nice to know you loved the detailed analytics. thanks for the feedback we will optimise the pages for mobile.
@franciskim_co super cool! thanks. We are excited about 100+ and we are inching towards 200 now. How did you like our product?