Intutel Social Analytics is social media monitoring & analytics tool across facebook, twitter and instagram with integrated dashboard, brand insights, post tracking, comment analysis, sentiments & topic extraction from posts. With Intutel devise better growth strategies and improve brand positioning.

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Hey @navneet35371 @jyothirmayee please tell us more about how the platform works and how it helps marketers improve their social media strategies.
@abadesi The unique offering is "post monitoring" - You can start monitoring a post - right after it goes live on social media. Intutel will track the growth of likes, comments or any other engagement by the minute. With this, you will know the precise point at which you should do paid boosting, see the impact of it on organic reach and know which influencers interacting with your post is resulting in better reach. Intutel has all the features of social monitoring & analytics tools. Notable features to devise smart social media strategies are 1. Integrated dashboard across twitter, facebook, Instagram. Compare & contrast what trended on what channel, engagement metrics, follower growth etc 2. Competitor benchmarking. You can also do deeper competitor analysis by setting up a dedicated account for a competitor page. Everything other than reach can be analysed 3. Content strategy - a timeline of content topics used on the social channel 4. Audience Insights - top engaging users, follower growth by timeline 5. Sentiment Analysis on posts and comments 6. Comment Analysis - trending comments with sentiment which need attention
@abadesi Hey Abadesi, thanks for the interest. The market is cluttered with very similar tools around Social Analytics, which is why we have differentiated by allowing users to monitor their posts and be able to know when their posts pick up speed or when they are going flat and boost it with the right budgets.
Thanks @Neerajt4 for the hunt! We are delighted to be on ProductHunt again! This time around we bring you a feature which no other social listening or analytics tool has - a detailed post tracking with influencer detection. Use PH50 to get a 50% discount. Intutel can provide minute by minute report of growth of likes, comments, shares or any such social engagement on facebook and instagram posts. This allows you to know the tipping point or if a post is flattening out on reach and engagement. You can trace all users in the path and see which influencer caused a spike in reach and engagement. Comment analysis with sentiment breakdown is also provided. Go hunting Intutel - login, authorise your account and link a post to monitor. Reach me at if you need something or leave us a comment here.
@jyothirmayee All the best! :)
I've been using Intutel's Social Analytics and Post Monitoring tool for quite some time now and I have to say this tool works like magic. Just login, start monitoring your post (s) and done! That's all. It's as simple as that! It tracks your posts till you manually stop it and gives fantastic insights. Love using it. :)
@_ritupriya Thanks Ritu, your feedback has greatly helped us improve our product over time. Hope you continue to consume the awesome features we'v been working on.
I like what you're doing but don't understand the pricing - $499 gets you 20 posts.. per minute? per hour? per day? Most companies post daily across multiple platforms, 15 posts will quickly get used up.. Unless I've completely missed the point :)
@scotty_bowler Hi Scott, this post count is detailed "like" growth monitoring - to map how engagement grew against paid and organic reach. In general when other tools list number of posts it is for scheduling and hence the large numbers like 100-500 posts. Brands do post 20-100 times a month on an average, but very few of them would be worth monitoring so closely. But I get your general concern: why should that choice/overhead be for the brand we can loosely monitor all new posts and continue the detailed monitoring for the ones getting traction We do provide basic analytics on all posts of the month. Do authorise an account to see all features.