Play any PC game in VR

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We are working on our own 3D driver to be able to deliver true stereoscopic 3D experience for all PC games (Mac will come at some point as well). In order to complete the project, we are doing an Indiegogo campaign: You still have 10 days to support it.
Tried it couple fo weeks ago, loved the experience. They guys are into something.
Tested it myself and it looks promising. Guys are getting there!
But things need to be designed specifically for VR. Things like menus that pop into the foreground, turning the view with a controller (and not your neck), or even frame rate dropping below ~90 (yes, 90fps) cause nausea. Most games don't handle this. How can this help with that?
@trevorstricker @krasi_nikolov That's a good one, can you contribute?
@trevorstricker You are completely right. VR is tough and apps still have a way to go in terms of UI, fps, and the overall immersion. But we are convinced that the future of VR is wireless, and our app is a firm step in that direction. We think that hardware today - both PCs and smartphones - is advanced enough (or is close) to be able to support the high requirements of VR. A lot of the required software is still to be developed, though. We have big plans for the fps improvement and the user interaction. I'll be able to go in more detail in the near future. Games are gradually becoming more VR friendly too (with new games especially developed for VR as you mentioned).
Turn any boring PC game into a VR one and jump in :)