We're making Craigslist safer (and better!)

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I really like the concept, but agree that you should explain it better on the website for the users to fully understand the safety behind it.
I'm honestly more intrigued by the promise of reducing craigslist hassle than by security concerns.
@eliservescent agreed. I sold a car on Craigslist a year ago and still receive messages from the new owner! Intryst is ultimately a communication platform. Some people will appreciate the anonymity, others will appreciate safety, and some will appreciate the control it provides. We want to provide a solid product so users can make it whatever they want it to be.
Intryst is making traction with the SMS/voice only option. The mobile app should launch later this month.
@brycekaiser Seems like a sound concept, and with potential uses beyond craigslist. I tried using it and see that you are implementing a wait-list to onboard users. That makes sense, that said, it would be helpful to see a bit more material (pics / video) on the site to suggest what the end-to-end UX is like for both parties. #eventually
@jydesign What was your spot on the waitlist? I'll unlock the app for you to get more hands on.
Great idea, burner numbers. Given the ongoing & relentless theft of personal info this seems like a great idea. Your home page doesn't really do it justice. Key headline could be something like "Intryst creates disposable phone numbers so you don't have to put your personal number on Craigslist and other online services" Also spend $20 and get a nice landing page :) Potentially also a great way for marketeers to create specific numbers for specific campaigns and a way for you to monetise if you can give them the analytics.