Start the hiring process with videos from candidates.

Start hiring process with videos from candidates.
Focus on your candidates, not only resumes.
Create beautiful job offers and screen candidates with video interviews.
Save a lot of time and get better team fit.
It’s a recruiting software, in an app.
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Hey Product Hunters, I’m Maciej, a co-founder of Introview. We launch today so your comments are more than welcome. 🚀 TL;DR - we're trying to change the way companies hire - made software that helps to do that - starting from a video interviewing app 🤔 The problem: hiring sucks Companies spend a lot of time and money looking for candidates. Recruiters have to review applications, phone screen candidates, schedule calls and meetings, live interview candidates, and many people won’t show up for meetings and for those who do, it can be clear early into the interview a candidate is not a good fit for a team. On the other side, candidates have to fill endless forms, wait long time for an answer and can’t express their personality on resume. There is a huge inefficiency in that classic approach. ⚡ Our solution An applicant tracking system, in which the first step of recruitment is not based on sending CVs or filling out applications, but on recording videos of candidates' answers to questions asked by the recruiter. We want to change the old-fashioned way companies hire by making recruiting software with videos at its core. It is 2019, smartphones and video communication is our reality, and people got used to it. It works like this: 1⃣ a recruiter creates a job posting and enters the questions to be answered by the candidates 2⃣ publishes the job posting on job boards, company careers website or social media 3⃣ candidates apply for the job 4⃣ the recruiter can then screen initial candidates based on their videos 📱there is a built-in messenger in the app, so everything is done on the candidate's phone At this point, we have the ​functionality of job listing creator, probably the most user-friendly one-way video interview process and chat for communication - everything you need to run the recruitment process from making a job listing to selecting a promising candidate and staying in touch with them. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 In the next two-three weeks,​ we’ll add a video calling feature and a kanban board that will make it easy to manage the process. We iterate almost everyday as customers tell us so much about their everyday problem in human capital space. We’re training a face emotion machine learning feature that may eventually support human screening in future and save even more time for candidates and companies. Can’t wait for your feedback (am here to stay all day) and thanks a lot, have a great day ✌
Hi @maciejkujawa ! Good Video and nice design ! I'm starting a platform to advertise your job to job boards or community channels through an API. Maybe we should speak!
Hey @sebastien_le_goff , thank you :) I've just subscribed to Posta a Job., DM me when you think it would be a right moment to talk.
Hi! It would be great to have a white label solution to offer to large size companies. Is it customizable? Do you have the version in spanish? Good job and great solution!
@veronica_lombardo Thank you :) for the Spanish version - it is a matter of time as it is such a melodic language. We can do a white label option anytime.
Interesting idea, but could this have a lot of potential for bias in hiring? A benefit of not seeing the candidate before deciding to interview them is their accomplishments attracted your interest, not anything about their appearance. I'm sure that isn't the aim of the product, and it's probably also a coincidence that every photo/video used in the promo video is of a young white person.