Simplifying the opt-in introduction.

Nifty, but I think I actually prefer just a plain text email over a stylized one.
@rickyyean thanks for the feedback Ricky. V2 of Introducr will actually be just that - an in email experience :-) Would love for you to be part of that when we roll it out
@matt_cartagena @rickyyean I'd be down to try that out, I also prefer plain text (and the ability to customize some text on the intro that goes through). Cool stuff!
@frankdenbow thanks for the interest Frank! Best way for us to update you on the release is if you have the extension installed :-)
No screenshots of the emails that get sent out?
@timdorr We just uploaded some screenshots sharing the Introducr user experience along with messages. Please feel free to share more feedback. Thanks!
Introducr allows for the easiest double opt-in introductions' you'll ever make .It allows you to make Opt-In Introductions quicker than ever and supports an etiquette that will be loved by everyone you introduce. Simply click the Introducr Icon in your Gmail, enter both parties, write a short message, and Introducr will handle all further logistics of the connection.
slow and buggy. didn't play well with gmail and other extensions.