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Hi, Product Hunters, We've just released introduce. We wonder people we like and want to know what they've been up to. Use introduce and see what your favorite celebrities and athletes are chatting about in Twitter introduce is worlds first Twitter profile analysis mobile app. With introduce, you can discover all Twitter users by different sections as search, nearby, close friends and followings to know them in detail. You can even see your common interests. Just in 10 seconds, introduce analyzes Twitter profiles and provides a meaningful social media experience for users.
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@ozguralaz Nice job - I liked the way you onboard new users by asking location & push notifications. Other apps should be following this style. A few recommendations: - Under match score, you would need to place percentage sign after score number. - I expect close friends list to be clickable. - Is the list of close friends generated as "most close to least close" ? - I found it hard to get back to the main screen (had to click on my name on left navigation) - there could be another navigation item for this maybe. - I also expected to see my followers when I click on "Followers", - same applies for Following. - Please remove myself from Close Friends list. Keep up the good work.
@ozguralaz Do you will work in an Android version of this platform? It would be nice to test it in Android. I´m a Twitter junkie, so it would be great to analyze my profile. :)
Interesting 🐥😈
@nivo0o0 for the cost not sure I even want to download it cause I have free apps on the desktop that do an amazing job with this so I'm not sure of the mobile need plus at 19.99 not sure I could sell the value to my clients
@isocialfanz @nivo0o0 Which apps are you using on desktop?
Any plans for an Android version?
@laebshade hey Mark, thanks for your attention. We know that the potential of android users on Twitter is more than iOS Twitter users. Also the web. As Useful Ideas team in Istanbul, this is an proof of concept for us. I would be very happy to hear any recommendation, feedback about design, speed and "reliability" :) Greetings from Istanbul !
@resattuu @laebshade I am going to try this on iOS tonight but an Android version and Web version will see a wider audience.
Seems like you'd released it 10 months ago, what is the update here?
@bentossell Hello, At first, thank you for your attention on our product. Sorry for the late answer. Actually we've truly changed whole product. - Analysis algorithm and ingredients changed - UI has completely changed - Working platform was server we moved whole analysis process to the mobile device. - It became completely free. - Twitter profile search history become visible
@resattuu cool, would be good to have that as the initial comment :) - having a similar one that was on the same post last time was confusing