Analyze profiles on Twitter

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Hi, Product Hunters, We've just released introduce. We wonder people we like and want to know what they've been up to. We visit lots of profiles. And we try to have some clues about them. Introduce is a twitter profile analyser. With introduce you can discover their personality, see what you have in common, start conversations with the tips we provide.
@ozguralaz this is a "useful idea" indeed :) Tremendous opportunities in the discovery space. Good luck!
@ozguralaz The free upgrade for PH users is not working.
@makhija_piyush It's working for me. Unfortunately, they have dark words on a dark background so it's almost impossible to read but it says you have to open that page in safari for the redirect to work.
@makhija_piyush I think I see what you're saying now. I was able to redeem the code but the app doesn't recognize it. I tapped 'restore purchase' but it didn't seem to do anything. I'm losing confidence that this app is ready for prime-time.
@fbara Even the Safari redirect wasnt working before. It is fixed now but there is a bug in 'restore purchase' like you mentioned.
Login looks unsafe. I am not sure if it is real twitter login page or clone one.
The analysis works in English only?
@tombarys most of the analysis are global. But, we do not have perfect local celebrity, sportsman, brand list. So, analysis may not be perfect. And, we are working to develop it day by day.
Not sure why, but it's buggy for me.