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Happy to see Introbot hit the App Store. It's a simple app that makes making intros easier with short email templates. First heard about it when my friend @alokepillai wrote this piece on Medium about not being a "networker" but rather a connector...great read πŸ‘‰
Thank you @robjama for the intro :) Biggest thing I learned in the past year is to bring immense value to every relationship you cultivate. The best way I have found to be the most helpful is to introduce someone to someone you know. A simple email intro can turn into great conversations which could turn into great projects. Would love your thoughts, PH community!
Interesting start - would like to see: - templates (wasn't sure how to edit default templates outside of email client) - a simple post-intro question (was this a good intro? Y/n - stats (do your intros get opened, post-intro questions get answered - use tracking pixel in email) - support for opt-in form - suggestions for people in your contacts to intro (e.g. use Twitter bio, location, linkedin endorsements to match/suggest) Again, great start!
@grmeyer Hey Greg, thank you for your feedback! Absolutely, updates to templates and opt-in is definitely in the plans. The simple post-intro question is interesting. I can see it being a great reward for the connector. Stats will require the emails to be sent server side rather than client side as it works right now. (e.g. sending the email) so something definitely worth looking into. Thanks for your time, Greg.
What about when you want to confirm that the person is open to an intro? I rarely introduce people directly without confirming that the receiving person wants to connect.
@allnick Hi Nick, Thanks for the question. You 're right. There is always that confirmation step before this happens. Here is how I was thinking about it. A double opt-in experience. 1. Connector select two parties 2. Individual emails are sent to both parties to ask if they want to meet 3. If one party says no, connection fails, and connector is notified 4. If both parties confirm yes, a server side email is sent to introduce the parties To account for delay in response, individual emails can persist after x number of days.
How do this compare with Introducr?
@chrismessina Hey Chris, thanks for the question. Introducr is definitely taking on the problem, but unfortunately not on mobile. I think what is interesting with Introbot is that the connection can be made anyway with a few taps. Now, the drawback of this however is the lose of context (general templating concerns) What I think would remedy this is for the emails to get smarter. Initially, the plan was to have Linkedin integration so that the contacts can be summarized in the email itself. With mobile at the focus, will be trying to get the quality of the intro email higher. Thanks again for the question, Chris! Thanks for your time.