Intro to Icons

Learn the fundamentals of icon design in 1 hour

Watched the whole course. Good stuff. One thing I'd love to see is something a little more in-depth with time spent fumbling through the design decisions. In this, you came to the videos with many things already figured out (rectangle sizes, stoke width, shape combinations). I'm most interested in what your thinking and process was that led you to decide those properties, as I think that's where the design really happens. That is something I'd pay money for. Overall, this was a great course and a good use of my time. I left feeling like I learned more about an Illustrator work flow and practice in building from basic shapes than making design decisions, but I still gained a lot from the experience. Keep up the great work @mds, I'm sure to recommend this to a few friends.
@camroncade Awesome feedback Camron! Agree on all points. Anything in addition to "thinking and process" that you'd like to see more of in an expanded version?
@mds Really, just those two things. Where I've experienced the real "design" learning happening is when someone gives me a window into their mind and verbalizes their thoughts as they open up a blank illustrator document for the first time. Getting to actually hear what they're thinking, how they go from "this is what I'm imagining, watch me try and fail and iterate these five times to get to the final product." Lots of, "I don't like the way this works because", and "This actually isn't a great design because..." explanations are awesome because it offers a glimpse into the logic and instinct behind their decisions. As a side note, a course I'd love to see is one on color - picking real colors to be used in a real app/website/design. So many design courses start with the color scheme pre-selected (one brand color, one accent color, their darker and lighter variations and the 4 shades of grey) and I have a serious gap in my knowledge of getting that right.
@camroncade Such great feedback. Thanks so much, man.
@mds You're welcome. I enjoyed the course a lot. Consider it an open door on my end - I'd love to chat anytime.
Thanks for posting Mattox! The video course content is based on curriculum I originally created for 3 Adobe MAX workshops. It teaches the fundamentals of icon design in hour and I'm giving it away for free. If you're already an icon pro, you may pick up a trick or two and if you're an icon newbie, then this was made specifically for you. There are 20 lessons and each one is only a few minutes long. The goal is to teach the fundamentals of icon design as fast as humanly possible. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!
Great tutorials easy to digest Thanks @mds
@mrlouisd Thanks, Louis!
This whole course was awesome! Super informative and you learn a lot in a very short amount of time! Really glad I gave this course a go. Enjoyed it so much I managed to finish it super quickly! Thank you once again Matt!