Get paid to introduce people to things they want is an SMS-based concierge service which pays cash back for introducing friends to items and services already want to purchase. Receive cash back when your friend makes a purchase from one of our 1,000+ merchants (your friend also receives cash back as well as other discounts). Payments made directly via SquareCash, PayPal or Google Wallet.

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Please keep me updated as you grow as a company!


Everything; such a great way to earn a side hustle recommending products you already do! 10/10


Wish there was a student ambassador program to get involved on campus

Hmmm any way we can tie this into what we are doing at
@itsthisjustin Hi Justin. Let's discuss!
@itsthisjustin Excited about our new partnership with GetSyrup, which now allows us to add product bundles to our offerings. Now, not only will you get paid cash for referring your friends to products they already want to buy, but they will now receive bonus products at a big discount! Head over to and signup.
Hey everyone! I’m the Founder of I’m grateful to be able to share our latest work with you. My company has developed a platform to help anyone with a mobile phone make extra income by recommending products to their friends through text messaging. We are an SMS-based service which lets you chat directly with members of our team to let them know about friends you have who are interested in purchasing certain products and services. In exchange for the referral, we pay you (and your friend) a percentage of the sale by sending you Cash Back to your PayPal, SquareCash or Google Wallet account. We realized one day when sitting in a restaurant and overhearing people around us talking about products to their friends. We said to each other, “How great would it be if someone could get paid for sharing this information to retailers?” We set out to build a low barrier-to-entry platform where nearly anyone could just grab their phone, text us some info about what their friend is looking to buy, and receive cash back payments on the purchase. The goal was to create a plug-and-play system which anyone could use to create extra income or launch their own home-based affiliate marketing business. We’re excited (and humbled) to be a part of the community at Product Hunt and look forward to your questions and feedback.
Interesting. How do you guys guarantee a payment to all involved (including yourselves), since not every product referred will have an affiliate program?
@bradungar Hi Brad. Great question. 2 ways: In this case, we would most likely upfront the payment using a portion of our longer-term revenue from our other channels. Or, we offer the customer complimentary products and/or services which do have an affiliate program. It's entirely based on the customer's choice as to which method we would use.
@derekdevore Thanks. Congrats on the launch!
Hey great app!! Does it support Apple Pay options and does it work on Asian Countries like in India , CAuse there is huge demand for something like this and looking for more payment in India.
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush. We're working very hard to release in other countries, but at the moment we are only available to users in the United States. I'd love to add you to our list so you can receive updates on the progress of moving to other countries. Let me know. Thanks!
@derekdevore I would really like to be added to your list
@ayush_chandra You got it Ayush. Please enter your email on our homepage and I'll make sure you're on it. Thanks again.