Easiest way to intro yourself. Killing the business card.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2014
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Developer here and happy to answer any questions! Built this app in a weekend a few weeks ago to solve my own pain point. I never carry around business cards and always send the exact same introduction to people over and over again so I simplified that process with this app! Would love feedback on new feature ideas
@blaurenceclark I like the service you use to distribute the app if I browse the url from a desktop browser ( #littlebigdetails
@blaurenceclark What type of reception have you guys seen so far? Cool concept.
@Harris_Bryan just some early feedback of more features people would like. The app is super simple and a quick time save when meeting people so we'll see!
@blaurenceclark how does it compare with this other product called intro (by we had a couple weeks ago? cc @tonysphere
@eriktorenberg @tonysphere Ours is a simpler, faster version, with a customizable introduction. Both happened to be built right around the same time
Great idea - waiting for Android
I always wanted something like this. Less awkward than bumping phones yet easy to use.
+1 for hoping someone built this. It seems a few people have attempted to disrupt the business card space, Card Flick being one that was quite an early attempt at this that never got enough liquidity for it to work. I've always been surprised that LinkedIn havn't done something more integrated making it a lot easier within the linkedin app to simple scan someone business card and then trigger a connection and intro message. Cardmunched I guess was their attempt at that but seemed to be lacking the UX simplicity it needed. Will certainly give this a try @blaurenceclark
@jasondainter @blaurenceclark, Founder of @cardflick here. It was never an issue of liquidity but business model. It's super easy to make a contact sharing app. It's really hard to create a business model around digital business cards that people are willing to pay for.
@kidbombay Great insights. @blaurenceclark do you plan to monetise this?
@jasondainter in its current state I have no monetization plans since it's completely free to run (local on your device) if I'm to add special features that add costs to running it I may look for ways to monetize. On a side note I run and wanted an app to use my own analytics on :) that was another big reason for making this and having it free
@kidbombay @jasondainter @cardflick Good insight Ketan! Yeah we built our entire app device side, 0 cost to run, and 0 cost to use. May come up with something else in the future for business plan but @VueAnalytics ( is my main gig and built this to use that product!
I always think I want a tool like this, but it never works in practice. Not because the tool is flawed, but socially - I can't type or handing them my phone is awkward and it just ruins the flow of the interaction in my experience. Willing to give this a shot, but the social interaction hurdle may never be solved until the vulcan mind meld happens for real.
@miles_matthias I wouldn't mind working on the vulcan mind meld, new startup idea? :)
@miles_matthias The problem I perceived with is that it is still somehow to slow until the interaction is done. You have to take out your phone, enter the email address, send and wait until the other one received it. Maybe we are all still too close to the same interaction and that's why it seems like such a clunky solution. Seriously. Maybe we should start think more about a "crazy" solution to the problem instead trying to mimic the behaviour we are used to. Mind meld seems to be a good starting point. :P