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With these set of apps by about.me it's easier than ever to share contact information with other people. The Apple Watch app even allows you to speak into the watch to share your info. It's a cool way to make your Apple Watch do something useful. If you are always out and about and trying to meet new people, Intro is for you!
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Hey y'all! Paris from about.me here to answer any of your questions. After a lot of demand we are really excited to release Intro for Android, Apple Watch, and Windows. I personally love sending my digital business card right from my Apple Watch⌚️-- it makes exchanging info so much easier when you meet someone new. 😁
Yay! I use Intro when I'm at conferences, so really pleased to be able to send from my Apple Watch - makes it easier :D!
Love the little animations all over, great work!!
I have a really bad habit of always forgetting my business cards when I actually need them so I've loved using Intro to connect with all kinds of people. From millennials at networking events to a family friend, Intro has made it super easy to share my relevant contact information with just a few taps.