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#4 Product of the DayMarch 02, 2016
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Be careful with this product. They email every single user of your channel upon addition of the integration. While Slack warns of this during authorization, it only takes one user to provide them with your entire user base's profile info.
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@jeffandersen that is absolutely not the case Jeff. we do not notify your team at all! we give the option to the installing user to notify your team. which some choose to do. but many don't.
@mitali This is simply not acceptable to allow any user to give up the contact information of all users in the slack group. Inviting users directly? sure. Automatically spamming the entire membership? absolutely not.
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@mitali There is also no unsubscribe link on the email being sent. This is also unacceptable.
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@jeffandersen “LinkedIn for Slack” is a great description. They even kept the dark patterns and annoying notifications of LinkedIn :D
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@mitali As a member of the Slack group that @jeffandersen is speaking about, I find it incredibly annoying to be spammed by your product.
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 We’re excited to share Intro with you. Intro gives each Slack team its own private network. With Intro you can: - See a full member directory - View detailed profiles of team members - Merge your connections into a single team network - Search for people by name, companies, locations, skills, and more - Get intros to people through your Slack teammates Our /intro Slack command lets you do many of these searches within Slack. Try searching for “/intro @your-username” To learn more about our backstory read our launch announcement here: You can find us at: & We’re here all day to answer questions. Fire away! Alan (@sseong) & Mitali (@mitali)
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Very clever. Slack has been missing a strong "profiles" component coupled with a "social" component, this satisfies that quite well.
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@jedgar thanks John! its been great seeing how people are using /intro command in Slack to share their own profiles as a way of introducing themselves
@mitali @sseong this is pretty cool :) Linkedin is more of an annoyance than anything for me atm. Love the examples on the landing page haha
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Congrats on the PH launch! Have been following @mitali and @sseong for awhile now as they innovate on how we can all utilize our networks and soft connections better. Will be rooting for them as they grow. Already have Intro installed in the intermittent fasting slack I run called @wefastclub /, where we have 300+ ppl talking about fasting and other biohacks. Seems like it'll be a useful tool to help people get to know each other better.