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Lists! Lists! Lists! People love lists! Except @brittanymetz who said today specifically "I can't wait for numbered lists to stop being "a thing," but until then who wants to know the top 5 tips to be a badass?" I read the @anthonyha write up today on TechCrunch which says that lists are the best way for consumers to effectively compare things. I agree to an extent. There is so much choice out there in the internets these days that smaller, curated lists are the way forward in my book! Now is just the trouble of finding the right curator ๐Ÿ˜ @johnjaxheimer & team can tell you more. Great resource for the holiday season ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@bentossell damn that tweet was such fire! :P
@brittanymetz you don't know how inspirational you can be sometimes.... so. much. wisdom.
So cool (and a bit nerve racking) to see us on Product Hunt! When my co-founders told me we were on PH my first reaction was something to the affect of, "sh#t! we're not ready, are we?". That said, it's exciting to get fresh eyes on us and hear from an informed collective. In short (because I have a tendency to be very long winded), we want to personalize search and discovery using lists, not just because they're easy to create and share, but also because they're already being created on a huge scale. We built Intralist b/c we were frustrated with the options for finding information, and my suspicion is that we're not alone. We greatly value feedback so please feel free to hit me with any questions and thoughts. It's your opinions and ideas that will help to guide ad inform where we take this.
seems really similar to the recently launched Kit
@_jacksmith yeh similar... seems kit has gone down the more visual approach... whereas Intralist has gone for simplicity in literally showing 'THE LIST' May attract different types of people to either/or - will be interesting to see!