Simple, all-in-one teamwork and project tool

The product looks interesting, the website seems a bit off compared to the offering - something about it doesn't inspire confidence... you may want to look into that... Is there any PH promo? and are you funded? [meaning, will you be around in a year?] the issue with new cool platforms is not per say what they cost each month but the huge/much larger investment/loss if they disappear in terms of moving to a different platform/set of processes/workflow for your team.
@exlemor Hi Emmanuel, Thank you for your feedback! You can use the following promo codes for a 30 day free trial on any of the paid plans: BA16SxSw for Basic and PR25SxSw for Premium. If you want to try the system out with a group exceeding 100 users, please contact and we will get you set up. We have solid institutional funding and will most certainly be around for a long time.