Structured group communication & contact management app

InTouchApp is a mobile-first collaboration platform built on top of phone contacts. It solves the main problems of today’s chat app groups: noise, mix-up of discussions, new member not having access to old data, lack of phone number privacy, and lack of shared space for contacts & documents. By using InTouchApp, individuals and groups - both large and small - become more productive via structured communication and information sharing.

  • Manoj Chaudhari
    Manoj ChaudhariDirector T4 ACADEMY

    best app for official communication

    data sharing with employees


    Need some more featuresand improvements in app

    must try at least once 👍

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  • Ashwani Jain
    Ashwani Jainco-founder, Opentalk

    Great to know more about your network and stay updated


    Network effects yet to kick-in.

    Worth trying out.

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Thank you all! If you have been part of groups on chat apps, you would know how painful it is to have any meaningful discussions. There is also no easy way to make a shared contact directory or documents available to all the members. We are building InTouchApp to solve this problem! Please try out InTouchApp and give us your valuable feedback in comments below. Let me help you get started. There are two key components of InTouchApp: GROUPS: The NEW & EASY way to organize information and share it with people - be it discussions, documents or contacts. CONTACTS: The PEOPLE you know is the most important NETWORK you have. We help you remember everyone and make better use of this network you have built over time. Today, people are using InTouchApp groups at work to manage sales & marketing teams; create a shared contact directory; keep prospects & meeting notes in one place; company-wide announcements & policies, etc. Similarly many are using these groups at home for managing their house records; planning an event with friends & family, etc. Here are some videos that showcase the various use cases: Please ask questions and provide feedback below. I will be happy to answer them!
@saranglakare Awesome one! I continue to believe the mission! We know less about our own contacts. Looking forward to!
@santoshpanda thanks! adding group collaboration layer on top of contacts really helps you get the most out of your network!
Been using InTouchApp for a while now and a big fan of easy of use it brings in managing and staying updated about our contacts.
@gaurav_singh1 Good to know that Gaurav. Have you tried using groups yet? (Hit the + button on home screen) Try creating some - we'd love to get you feedback!
@gaurav_singh1 Thanks! Awaiting you feedback on the new Groups!
One of the best and most useful app.
@mahendra_muluk thanks, we really appreciate your comments. Please let me know what you think of these new "Groups"?